Goth & Company is pleased to announce that Desmond West-Chow received his results today offering him his Trustee in Bankruptcy License. On behalf of everyone at Goth & Company Ltd. we are pleased to be able to congratulate Desmond on all his hard work and efforts through a very difficult program.

The results were released today and Desmond was offered his license. The obtaining of a trustee license is a major accomplishment and something that Desmond should be very proud of. Across Canada, there are currently about 1,000 licenced trustees, and only about half of those actually deal directly with the general public.

For those of you who are not familiar with the process to obtain a trustee license you must go through a rigorous program where you must be able to demonstrate your technical proficiency, your ability to understand apply very complicated legislative requirements in a manner that still upholds common cents. After successfully completing several rigorous written exams you are invited to sit an oral board to determine your ability to mitigate difficult situations, competence with the legislation, and professionalism. This “Oral Board of Examiners,” a three person panel consisting of a bankruptcy trustee, an insolvency lawyer and a representative of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

These three individuals are then given 90 minutes within which they conduct an extensive examination of the individuals knowledge, ability and competence. This board has the option of refusing to grant a license, limiting that license to either commercial or consumer environments, or granting the license free of restrictions. This is a very stressful panel, one that all candidates have devoted years to preparing for. Each candidate is given a very limited period of time, a set of very complicated cases and you to have to convince a group of industry experts of your competence.

Clearly Desmond was successful, and the Government of Canada granted him an unrestricted license. He is now qualified to be involved with and administer any component of the Canadian Insolvency process. As his sponsor, I am very proud of all his hard work. His dedication to his studies and the way he carries himself make him a pleasure to have around. If you are struggling with debt and in need of assistance, Desmond is an excellent person to talk to. He regularly meets with many people who are experiencing financial difficulties and need qualified assistance to resolve their financial issues. I have confidence in Desmond, the government clearly has confidence in Desmond, as do the hundreds of people that Desmond has already helped.

If you need assistance call Desmond today at 780-435-5110.