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If you are struggling with your debt, not sure where to turn. Call us, you can meet with a licensed professional who understands the stress you are under and will help you determine the best option for you.

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Avoid Bankruptcy

At Goth & Company we are committed to assisting people before thy have to go bankrupt. If you are struggling with debt and would like to avoid bankruptcy we can help!Learn More

Education Center

One of the biggest problems that plague’s Canadians is not knowing what to do to control their finances. At Goth & Company we are comitted to helping provide the tools and information that can help you control your finances before you need to expore alternatives like a bankruptcy.

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Why A Trustee

As a Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy we are the only debt professionals who are licensed by the Federal Government to discuss all your options.

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FREE Consultation

With Goth & Company there is never a cost to discuss what options area vailable to assist with your finances. This consultation is designed to help you understand all your options and have the tools necessary to determine what is best for you. Learn More

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What Our Clients Say

Without a doubt the service I received was of high level and I would recommend the Goth team. Can you rate your experience with the following? Friendliness of the staff 5 out of 5 Professionalism of the staff 5 out of 5 Knowledge of the adviser 5 out of 5 Communication ability of the adviser 5 out of 5 Satisfaction level of overall service 5 out of 5 Would you recommend the services of Goth and Company to your friends, family or co-workers? Yes
Score the Service with Goth 5 Star Friendliness of the staff 5 out of 5 Professionalism of the staff 5 out of 5 Knowledge of the adviser 5 out of 5 Communication ability of the adviser 5 out of 5 Satisfaction level of overall service 5 out of 5
I appreciate all the time you spent with me. Thanks to your advice I realized I wasn't as bad off as I had thought. As a result of our meeting, I realized that my problem wasn't my debt but it was my spending. When I went home I started to keep my receipts like you suggested, I changed many of my habits and now I find that I am easily able to pay twice what I used to towards my debt and now I expect to be debt free in the next 11 months. Thank you for taking the time to help me realize the changes I needed to make.
Rayan B.
I just finised my bankruptcy and wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I had dreaded having to file bankruptcy, but with your help I was able to not only file bankruptcy, but I feel better than I have for years. I don't have to worry about the phone ringing, opening my mail and I actually have a savings account and I have you to Thank. I appreciate all you have done and wanted you to know the difference you have made in my life!
Susan R.
I would like to extend a special thank you for the help you [James Goth] and the rest of your staff [Goth & Company] provided me. I contacted you thinking my only option was a bankruptcy and you and your staff worked with me to help me realize I had other options. As a result of this advice, I was able to avoid bankruptcy and negotiate an offer with my creditors to pay my creditors back what I could afford.
Andrew C.
My wife and I would like to THANK YOU all very much for your help. I just received the news that my consumer proposal has been accepted and I can't tell you how relevied we feel. I think this was the first time in years I actually slept through the night. I put off calling you for months, but I am so glad I finally called!!!
Melissa S.
I would like to thank Goth and Company Ltd. They spent time and energy and showed me a play book to avoid bankruptcy. With their guidance I was able to save my company! Contacting each of my suppliers directly, explaining my situation and providing them a plan. We were able to pay off all the debt within 4 months with proper cash flow and without any other loans. I totally would recommend the team at Goth and Company and appreciate the time they took helping me.